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The World Xiangqi Federation was founded in April 6, 1993 during the 3rd World Xiangqi Championships in Beijing, China. The day marks the new era for Xiangqi to march onto the world. It was back in October 1988, during the 4th 7-Star Tournament, the World Xiangqi Federation Preparatory Committee was formed to lay a foundation for the official inauguration. During the preparatory period which lasted for more than four years, two World Championships were organized first in Singapore then in China's Kunming. Also in that period, our fellow xiangqi friends in different parts of the world made great efforts to start establishing xiangqi organizations in Europe, America and Australia to work together with the Asian Xiangqi Federation. The Preparatory Committee held meetings from time to time to speed up the process and when the condition was ripe, the World Xiangqi Federation was found.



Current Executive Committee (2017-2021)


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