By : Dr. René Gralla

Germany is on its way to become the 2nd stronghold of XiangQi in Europe, just behind the United Kingdom. That fact has been highlighted by the premiere of an international tournament for teams of XiangQi that has been hosted by Berlin: the "1st World Open" took place from August 29th until August 31, 2014, and even Mr. Timothy Fok, the President of the World XiangQi Federation, flew in to the German capital in order to underline the significance of that historic event.

And now there will be one more premiere of a great event of XiangQi in Germany: This years "6th Han Xin Cup International Masters Invitational Tournament" will not be battled out in China, but at Hamburg (!), Germany (!!), from November 7th until November 11th, 2014, in the Chinese teahouse Yu Garden  thus being a kind of away game, from the Chinese point of view.


The German fans of XiangQi are thrilled by the up-coming Han Xin Cup in the big port city of Hamburg, and these days everybody is diligently studying the teachings of the great masters in order to get prepared for the open tournament that will be the accompanying event of the 6th Han Xin Cup at the beginning of November 2014.
One of those teachings that should be memorized is the timeless warning that one has to beware of the treacherous advisors - sometimes there is a palace intrigue, and the ruler of the palace is doomed because of his evil staff. The commander-in-chief of Red Army, Mr. Martin Berger from Leonberg near Stuttgart (Germany), sadly disregards that warning, thus giving the leader of the beleaguered Black Army, Mr. Rene Gralla from Hamburg (Germany), the chance to save the game that was fought out during the first round of the tournament "The Horse Of Hansa 2013" on August 17th, 2013, at Hamburg's scenic Yu Garden.