Hightlight of Xiangqi news on Dec.14 (3rd day), Photos attached.


Although having the advantage of choosing red, the World Champion Wang Tianyi, was forced to a draw with Chong Heung Ming (Phillipines).
The other Chinese star and runner up from the World Championship, Sun Yongzheng, opened the game very well, creating a big advantage for himself early on. Then came the surprise of the day: instead of closing out the match, Yongzheng made a serious mistake in the mid game, resulting in a loss of a piece.



Kam Fun (Macau) took this unexpected chance and completed a great upset when beating his Chinese opponent. Yongzheng was clearly very upset with his own performance, as he did not engage in the post-match analysis with his counterpart but stormed back to the Hotel instead.

After today`s matches, Wang Tianyi and Kam Fun are tied for the lead with 2 wins and 1 draw.


Saving part of China`s day today was Tang Dan. She defeated her American opponent Jia Dan and keeps her perfect tournament record intact. We look forward to Match Day 4.



Lei Kam Fun (left) defeated Sun Yongzheng


Chong Heung Ming (left) forced Wang Tianyi to accept a draw

 Cao Yaniei defeated Pu Fangyyao

Wong Hok Him draw Uong Duong Bac


 Tang Dan defeated Jia Dan


Nguyen Hoang Yen  defeated Chan Diana Hong



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