Xiangqi news on Dec.15 (4th day), Photos attached.

1. Birthday of German Xiangqi referee Rudolf Reinders

Dec.15 is the birthday of German referee Mr. Rudolf Reinders. He has participated in Beijing Sportaccord Xiangqi tournament as referee in 2011 and 2012. This year the Xiangqi team celebrated his birthday and shared a big Black Forest cake before the 4th round started.


2. Photography of Xiangqi Ambassador
4 top male and 2 top female Xiangqi players have been selected to have a photography by Sportaccord.
Ms Tang Dan, the Xiangqi Ambassador showed the most pretty smile to show the charming of the traditional Chinese heritage.

3. The two Chinese top players won in the 4th round and got rid of the shadow yesterday
The defending champion Wang Tianyi won Wong Hok Him from Hongkong. Another Chinese player Sun Yongzheng defeated Cao Yanlei from Macau. Both still keep the opportunity to win the titles.

Xue Zhong


Birthday party for Xiangqi referee Rudolf Reinders


Photography_Xiangqi ambassador Tang Dan


Xiangqi fans   football fans



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