Xiangqi news on Dec.16 (5th day), Photos attached.

The two Chinese top players won in the 5th round and will battle each other in the next round tomorrow.


The defending champion Wang Tianyi won Pu Fangyao from Germany. Another Chinese Sun Yongzheng defeated Uong Duong Bac Vietnam. They will meet and battle each other in the 6th round tomorrow. This is the decisive game which will be live telecasted by CCTV 5+ and BTV Sports. Wang has got 9 points and Sun 8 points. There are two rounds left and Wang will most likely defend his title if he makes a draw with his strongest opponent from China.



Sun Yongzheng  CHN  vs  VIE  Uong Duong Bac




Pu Fangyao  GER  R  vs  B  CHN  Wang Tianyi



Wong Hok Him  HKG  R  vs  B  PHI  Chong Heung Ming


Lei Kam Fun  MAC  R  vs  B  MAC  Cao Yanlei


Tang Dan  CHN  R  vs  B  USA  Jia Da


Nguyen Hoang Yen  VIE  R  vs  B  AUS







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