Xiangqi news on Dec.18 (7th day)

The Xiangqi tournament has closed for today with the last round. As predicted, Wang Tianyi made a safe tie with Lei Kam Fun from Macau and defend his title by 11 points. Another Chinese player Sun Yongzheng captured the 2nd place though he defeated Hong Kong Wong and got also 11 points but lose to the opponent score.


Cao Yanlei from Macau won Vietnam Uong and got the 3rd place.


In the Women's individual China Tang Dan tied Diana Chang from Australia and won the champion by defeating all the other three opponents. Nguyen Hoang Yen from Vietnam got the 2nd place and Jia Dan from U.S got the 3rd place.


China Wang Tianyi (left) tie Macau Lei Kam Fun


Xiangqi tournament venue


China Tang Dan (left) tie Australia Diana Chang


Macau Cao won Vietnam Uong


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