Regulation of “Dragon Lake Cup”
9th China-ASEAN
Xiangqi International Invitational Tournament 2017

1. Competition Unit:
1) Guided by: Chinese Weiqi Association, Chinese Bridge Association, Chinese Xiangqi Association
2) Hosted by: Nanning Sports Bureau, Nanning Sports Association
3) Organized by: Nanning Sports Administration and Training Center, Guangxi Dragon Lake Tourism Development Co., Ltd., Nanning Xiangqi Association
4) Co-organized by: Nanning Xixiangtang District Bureau of Culture, Press, Publication and Sports
2. Time: September 24-26, 2017
3. Location: Yangxin Valley Hotel of Dragon Lake Culture Eco-tourism Scenic Area, Nanning, Guangxi, P.R.China
4. Event: Open Individual Event
5. Qualification: 

The players come from Chinese mainland, Hong Kong SAR, Macao SAR, Chinese Taipei and other overseas countries can participate. And the participating players must be over the age of 16 years, physical health (over the age of 65 years should have the health examination certificate of the county level’s hospital) for this tournament and have the legal identity certificate (ID).
6. Competition Rules:
1) The events comply with the latest Chinese Chess Rules by China Xiangqi Association.
2) The event will be ranked according to their accumulative scores of all 11 rounds of contest.
3) Match Time: there is a basic time of 30 minutes for each player in every inning, and 10 seconds will be given back for each step and recorded.
7. Ranking and Awards:
1) The top 22 of individual event will be awarded. The Organization awards(RMB, After-tax): 25000 RMB for the 1st place, 12000 RMB for the 2nd place, 10000 RMB for the 3rd place, 6000 RMB for the 4th place, 5000 RMB for the 5th place. 4000 RMB for the 6th place, 3000 RMB for the 7th place, 2500 RMB for the 8th place, 2000 RMB for the 9th place, 1500 RMB for the 10th place, 1200 RMB for the 11th place, 1000 RMB for the 12th place, 900 RMB for the 13th place, 800 RMB for the 14th place, 750 RMB for the 15th place, 700 RMB for the 16th place, 650 RMB for the 17th place, 600 RMB for the 18th place, and 500 RMB for the 19th place to 22nd place.
2) The top 6 winners will be awarded plaques.
3) The ranking from 7 to 22 winners will be awarded certificates.
8. Entry:
1) The players who take part in the event should be in good health.
2) Registration:
Player’s name, ID number and telephone number should be required to submit when you entry and the event cash deposit of 100 RMB per person is supposed to be paid at the same time. The event cash deposit will be given back when the player finishes his/her all events. And all the players need to submit fast-food fee of 100 RMB per person, including three lunches and one dinner during tournament at Dragon Lake. Every National Woman Master participating will obtain allowance of 500 RMB per person (10 persons limit). The total of participants is limited to 120. The entering shall be deemed to be successful if the event cash deposit and fast-food fee are received by the deadline. The participants have to buy Accident Insurance (including during the tournament and commuting). The following registration contact:
Address: Nanning Xiangqi Association, No.62, Taoyuan Road, Nanning, Guangxi, P.R.China.
Post code: 530021
Contact person: Mr. Liang Kunjia
Telephone: +86-771-2191395
Cell-phone: +86-13807800642
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Payee: Huang Jiamin
Account: Chengbei Branch Selling Area of Nanning, China Construction Bank
Bank: 6217 0033 7000 2169 405
Cell-phone of the Payee: Mr. Huang Jiamin, +86-13457089887
After the remittance, please check with telephone or message and please show the remittance certificate upon registration.
3) The entering shall be deemed to be void if the player does not entry by September 13, 2017.
9. Registration:
1) All players please arrive at Aoti Hotel (No.60-8, Tiaoyuan Road, Nanning, Guangxi, China) service desk with the valid ID card before 19:00 on September 23, 2017. The overdue player will not be arranged event.
2) A technical meeting will be held at 20:00pm of September 23 at the 8th floor meeting room of the building of Nanning Sports Bureau (No.62, Taoyuan Road, Nanning, Guangxi, P.R.China). All team leaders are expected to participate.
10. Expenses:
1) The players come from the outside Nanning city should be arranged by the Organizing Committee for accommodation (the expenses shall be borne by the players themselves). And the Organizing Committee will arrange the free transportation between the tournament venue and the hotel.
2) All expenses of players shall be borne by themselves.
3) Reference prices of the hotels: Aoti Hotel/Biyu Hotel, 140RMB per night.
11. Arrangement:
September 23 Before 19:00 Check in 20:00-21:00 Technical Meeting
September 24-26 Tournament
September 27 Departure
12. Please pay attention to the announcement of the Organizing Committee to catch related rules.
13. Players please attend the activities with the formal clothes.
14. All rights to the Regulations are reserved by the Organizing Committee, and matters uncovered in the Regulations will be further notified in due course.



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