1. Guidance Committee: World Xiangqi Federation

2Organizing Committee: Chinese Xiangqi Association, Sports Bureau of Guangxi Autonomous region, Guangxi General Sports Federation, Baise Municipal People's Government

3. Host Organizing Committee: Guangxi Social Sports Activity Development Center, Guangxi Xiangqi Association, Baise Sports Bureau, People's Government of Lingyun County

4. Co-Organizing Committee: Bureau of Culture, Sports and Broadcasting & TV of Lingyun County, Guangxi Xinhuayang Sports Development Co., Ltd.

5.  Date of Competition: 13th-15th April 2018 (Registration 12th April, departure 16th April)

6. Venue: Gymnasium of Lingyun County of Baise City of Guangxi Autonomous Region, China

7. Competition Event: Individual

8. Qualification of Participants


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