Time: 9am Sunday 12 and Monday 13 of March 2017
Venue: Church Hall , 3 Alberts Ave, Springvale VIC 3171, Australia


Champion: Honor Cup and $2000.00

Runner Up: Honor Cup and $1000.00

Second Runner Up: Honor Cup and $500.00

Fourth Place: Honor Cup and $200.00

Fifth to Tenth Places: Medal and $100.00

Registration fee: $20 – Free Lunch & Drinks.

Special: Reward the winner of each game on 2nd day for Ten Dollars $10.00

Phone or SMS: Tom Tran 0413 329 963
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Last day of registration: Friday 10 of March 2017

More information: www.australiafriendshipchess.org

Organisation: Australia Friendship Chess Association

Announcement date: 13 February 2017

For details, please check with the organiser, subject to the latest announcement of the organiser.


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