1 Tournament mode
Men’s individual: 9 Rounds Swiss-system
Women’s individual: single round-robin system
2 Paring procedure
2.1 All the players will be divided into two groups according to the team results of
the 13th WXC. The player in first group will get an odd number when the second get
an even number. The number nearby will be paired like followings: 1-2, 4-3, … The
smaller number by odd table so as the bigger number by even table will play red.
2.2 The players who play for the same country will be avoided to play against each
other but only applies to the first round. 

2.3 There will be no extra supplement, if the number of total players is odd. The
player who gets bye wins the game. He will get the opponents' score for this game the
same as the lowest player from all.
2.4 The chief arbiter will take charge of the paring procedure. The results should be
noticed immediately. The competition committee and the member of arbitrator
organization have the right to take part in and supervise the whole procedure.

3 Time control
60 min + 30 sec. each move (after press the clock)
Move limit is not concerned. Lose the time, lose the game.
4. The recording of the moves
4.1 The players should only use the English or Chinese notation mentioned in AXF.
The complete notation of both sides should be recognized and repeatable after the
game and handled to the referee.
4.2 The winner should tip the records of the game after the match into the computer
at the technical table. If it is a draw, the player with red should do the record.
4.3 If a player misses 4-7 moves to record during the game, he will get a foul. More
than 8 moves (including 8), he will get 2 fouls. 4 fouls in the same game causes lost.
5 The natural move limits
Within 50 rounds (100 moves) without taking a piece, the game will be judged to
draw. The player who reclaims, his total checks will be limited at 10 moves total (the
rest checks will be ignored). If the total round is less than 50, he will get a technical
foul and be deducted 5 min as punishment. If his time is less than 5 min, he will lose
the game. If he makes the same reclamation again, and is wrong again, he will lose
the game immediately.

6 in case of equal scores
6.1 Individual ranking
(1) If more than one player get the same points, they will be separated as following:
A) The opponents’ score (Buchholz)
B) The direct results C) More wins
D) More wins with black
E) More plays with black
F) The highest opponent’s score
G) Less technical fouls
If all above are same, then the ranking (one round before) will be used.
(2) By women’s individual, AXF Chapter 6 will be referenced.
(3) NCNV individual will be ranked according to (1)
(4) NCNV cannot get the double prizes if he also gets the top 8 in men’s individual.

6.2 Team ranking
(1) The ranking of the best 2 players each team will be added. The smaller the
number is, the higher the ranking. If both teams get the same number, the best
individual ranking of the two players will be referred. Who get the better ranking in
individual will be placed higher.
(2) If a team has less than 2 players, there will be no team ranking.

The Arbiter Committee of 14th


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