By Dr. René Gralla, Hamburg (Germany)
There has taken place a historic event of Chinese Chess at Hamburg, Germany - because for the first time in the 2200 years of the history of Chinese Chess, there has been battled out a Youth World Championship of Xiangqi,and that very " 'Caissa Cup' 1st World Youth Xiangqi Championshiphas been battled out on August 17th and August 18th, 2016, at Hamburg, Germany.
The event has been realized after the German journalist and Xiangqi-enthusiast Dr. René Gralla had presented a corresponding proposal to Mr. Xue Zhong, Deputy General Secretary of the World Xiangqi Federation (WXF), some years ago. And now that vision has become true: Mr. Xue Zhong - who actually lives in Munich and who already organized the Xiangqi World Championship 2015 there during the late days of August last year - has realized that vision of Xiangqi-girls and -boys from different countries deciding over the board who are the brightest of all those hopeful kids from over the planet. 
But why has that premiere of a World Youth Xiangqi Championship taken place at Hamburg, Germany, after all? And not in China - as one might have expected?!
Since China promotes Chinese Chess to be exported - as being part of Beijing's foreign cultural policy - , therefore the big port city Hamburg/Germany has been chosen to host the historic event because Hamburg that the Chinese expatriotes use to call "Han Bao" is the unofficial capital of the Chinese people in Germany. And since Germany is an important country in Europe, therefore China has chosen Hamburg to host that event since Hamburg is the gateway to Europe.
The 1st World Youth Xiangqi Championship has been organized at the scenic Chinese Tea House "Yu Garden" at Hamburg. The event has been part of the official program of the German-Chinese Year of Youth Exchange 2016. In order to underline the significance of that event, Ms. Chen Zelan, the Senior Vice President of WXF, and Mr. Wang Xinting, the Mayor of Xingyang (being is the cultural capital of Xiangqi), have flown in from China in order attend the event.
76 rising stars from four countries - namely China, Vietnam, Russia, and Germany - have competed in the event.


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