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Annotated by:IGM Xu Tian Hong
Translated by:Felix Tan

Last update: December 26, 2002

Kon Island (Hong Kong) (win) Lay Kan Hock (West Malaysia)

1. C2=5 H8+7 2. H2+3 P7+1
3. R1=2 R9=8 4. R2+6 H2+3
5. P5+1 A4+5 6. P5+1 P3+1
Red plays the Central Pawn attack against Black's Screen Horse defence. This opening had been an old time favourite, commonly known as the Scraper. However, as Red has yet to develop its left wing, attacking from the centre by brute force may not be effective.

7. P5+1 H3+5
If Red plays C8+4 instead (H8+7 will be answered by C2+1, R2-2 C8=9, equal) Black may reply with P1+1 followed with P1+3 chasing away the Cannon. Black can put up a good fight.

8. H3+5 ....
Black could consider H5+4, preventing Red to link the Horses with H8+7. If Red continues with H5+6, then C2+5! A6+5 R1=2, C8=6 (if H6+4, then H4+5, H4+3 K5=4, R2=6 C5=4, C8=6 H5+7, K5=6 K4+1, the game turns in Black's favour) C5+2, and Black seizes the initiative.

8. .... H5+6 9. H8+7 E3+5

A tardy move. Black should post his Cannon on that spot instead of the Elephant. After R9=8 R1=2, the tension in the centre will be relieved. To Red's continuation C8+4, C5+5 trading off the Cannons to Black's contentment.

10. R9+1 C8=9 11. R2+3 H7-8
12. R9=4 H6+4
The Horse has no scope, it is better to exchange it for Red's Cannon. After C8=5 R1=4, Black's position would be more solid than the actual game.

13. H5+6 R1=4 14. H7+5 C2+2
15. C8=6 C2=4 16. H5+6 R4=2
17. H6+4 C9=6 18. H4-5

Now there is no way to stop the rampaging H5+6, Black has to concede the game. Black lost in less than 20 moves, mainly because of his poor handling of the opening. The motto of this game: the importance of opening cannot be over emphasised.

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