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Annotated by:CM Ge Weipu

Last update: December 26, 2002

BGN World Xiangqi Challenge (Qualifier-Round 2)

Liu Dianzhong vs. Xu Tianhong (Red wins)

1. C2=5 H8+7 2. H2+3 R9=8
3. R1=2 H2+3 4. H8+9 P7+1
5. C8=7 R1=2 6. R9=8 C8+4
7. R8+6 C2=1 8. R8=7 R2+2
9. R7-2 H3+2
It is more stable for Black to play E3+5.

10. R7=8 H2-4 11. R8=6 ....
In previous actual competitions, Red can also play P9+1, then E7+5, R8+3, H4-2, R2+1. Red still has the initiative in hand.

11. .... H4+2 12. C7+7 A4+5
13. R6=7 C1+4 14. R2+1 R2=4
Black plays Chariot sideward to take E-eye position. If he played C8=5 to take the enemy¡¯s central Pawn, Red would play C5+4, H7+5, R2+8, H5+4, H3+5, C1=5, R2-7. It leads to the situation that Red has the material advantage while Black has the initiative in his offensive. Both sides have scruples.

15. P3+1 P7+1 16. R2=8 P7+1
17. R8+4 P7+1 18. C5=8 ....
Red plays his Cannon to the 8th file to concentrate his force and attack at Black¡¯s right wing. It is a good move.

18 .... E7+5 19. R8=6 R4=2
20. C7=9! ....

After sacrificing his Cannon, the power of Red 9th file Horse is brought into full play. It is important move for Red to make the assault.

20. .... C1-6 21. R6+3! C1=4
It is better for Black to play R2-2 for strengthening his defense. If Red played H9+8, Black could play R2=4, then H8+7, H7+6. Black can still have some strength in his defense.

22. H9+8 R2=4 23. H8+7! R4-1
24. C8+7 C4+9 25. H7+6 C8-5
26. R7+5 A5-4 27. K5=6 H7+6
28. C8=9 H6+5
Black now finds it difficult in his defense. For example, if he played K5+1, Red would play C9-1, then K5-1, H6-4, C8=6, R7=6, K5+1, R6-1, K5-1, R6=4. Red is sure to win.

29. R7-2 K5+1 30. C9-1 K5-1
31. H6-4 C8=6 32. R7=5 A4+5
33. C9=4 H5+3 34. K6+1 Red wins.
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